Director of the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform
and Research group leader:

 Prof. Ann-Christine Syvänen
Phone: 46 (0) 18 471 46 88
Mobile: 46 (0) 70 167 94 45

SNP-Genotyping inquiries:
 Tomas Axelsson, Manager - SNP-genotyping
Phone: 46 (0) 18 471 46 93
Mobile: 46 (0) 70 167 94 58

Sequencing inquiries:
 Ulrika Liljedahl, Manager - Illiumina sequencing
Phone: 46 (0) 18 471 46 99
Mobile: 46 (0) 70 167 94 59

Mail address:
                SNP&SEQ Technology Platform
                Biomedical Centre, BMC
                Box 1432
                SE-751 44 Uppsala

Shipping address:
                SNP&SEQ Technology Platform
                Biomedical Centre, BMC
                Husargatan 3, Box 1432
                SE-752 37 Uppsala

The research group of Molecular Medicin and the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform are located in BMC, corridors B11:1, C10:1 and D11:2.


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WGS and targetted sequencing in acute lymphoblastic leukemia identifies putative enhancer mutation associated with over-expression of a growth factor


A recent article by the Molecular Medicine group is highlighted by the journal Human Mutation.
Read the highlight feature
Read the article

The Molecular Medicine group receives funding for whole genome sequencing from SciLifeLab


The ALL project in the molecular medicine group has been granted funding from the Swedish Genomes Program at SciLifeLab, and will thereby receive support for whole genome sequencing of diagnostic, relapse and germline samples from ALL patients. Press release

VR grant to the Molecular Medicine group


Molecular Medicine research group has received funding from the Swedish Research Council for Medcine and Health (VR-MH) for the SLE research project.

New publication


A study describing allelic expression in different cell types is presented in Molecular Systems Biology by researchers from the Molecular Medicine group and the SNP&SEQ platform in collaboration with researchers from McGill University.

SciLifeLab receives funds for a new Illumina HiSeqXTen sequencing system


SciLifeLab is very excited to announce the receipt of a 200 million SEK gift from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation dedicated to expanding the genomics capacity in Sweden. These funds will partially be used for installing Illumina HiSeq XTen sequencers at the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform.

Publication in Science


A large-scale genomic study, published in Science today, suggests that it might be the genetic make-up that make crows choose partners that look alike. The sequencing of the crows was performed by SNP&SEQ using the HiSeq platform. Read the press release here.

New R&D manager at the SEQ-platform


Jessica Nordlund has joined the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform as manager for research and development.

Science for Life Laboratory joins the Illumina Genome Network


Illumina announced today that Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden has joined the Illumina Genome Network to provide researchers with broader access to Illumina’s whole genome sequencing technology. Read the press release here!

VR-RFI grants funding to the SNP&SEQ Platform


The Council for Research Infrastructures (VR-RFI) has granted 4.5 million SEK as support for 2014 to the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform in Uppsala. The decision corroborates the role of the SNP&SEQ Platform as a national infrastructure for Genomics. Recently, the SNP&SEQ Platform was assigned as a national infrastructure by SciLifeLab Sweden.

More HiSeq machines


The Board of the National SciLifeLab has granted funding for a new HiSeq 2500 instrument to boost the sequencing capacity of the SNP&SEQ Platform. Uppsala University Hospital has granted additional funds towards a second new HiSeq 2500 instrument to be dedicated to clinical diagnostics for genetic diseases and cancer.

Large epigenetic study of acute leukemia


The Molecular Medicine group, together with pediatric oncologists from several Swedish University Hospitals and hospitals in the Nordic countries, present a large epigenetic study of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia, published in Genome Biology.

New publication in Nature


In collaboration with several European research institutes, researchers from Molecular Medicine group and SNP&SEQ platform today present a map of genetic causes of differences between people. The study, published in Nature and Nature Biotechnology, describes the largest amount of data linking variations in the human genome with gene activity at the RNA level.

New equipment


During Christmas the SNP&SEQ-platform installed a new HiSeq 2500-instrument. This instrument allows sequencing of 2 x 150 bp  and decreases the run time from 11 days to 27 hours. Currently the SNP&SEQ-platform offers sequencing using four HiSeq- and one MiSeq-instrument.

Publication i Nature Genetics


15 new loci for coronary artery disease were published on-line in Nature Genetics on December 2nd. Both the molecular medicine group and the SNP&SEQ platform were involved in the study.